Hypr Network Partners with Redacted

Hypr Network is working with Redacted to offer opportunities to community members to earn yield on their assets on Hypr.

March 20, 2024

Hypr Network aims to work with some of the most innovative and pioneering projects in web3. To that end, Hypr Network is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Redacted, one of the O.G. projects in DeFi.

What is Redacted?

Redacted focuses on the development of DeFi products, including Hidden Hand, Pirex, and Dinero. These products are designed to improve liquidity, make governance processes more efficient, distribute incentives, and scale yield throughout DeFi.

As an O.G. in the space, they've seen what works, what doesn't, and prioritize user safety.

Hypr is Scaling ZK Gaming, but Liquidity is Key

As mentioned during our community call and most recent update to our roadmap, we are currently in the stage of drafting and architecting campaigns and partners that will help bring assets into Hypr Network and incentivize users to keep their assets on Hypr.

As a chain focused on gaming, liquidity is key. Why? Think of it this way - liquidity or, most commonly described as TVL in web3, allows users who want to play games the ability to swap their assets for the in-game asset. TVL also can be thought of as a lead magnet for users, players, and also developers.

How Hypr and Redacted are Aligned

Hypr and Redacted share a common goal, which will be important for the community: to boost yield through Redacted's offerings on Hypr. Hypr Network also aims to be an active integration partner and bring our capabilities to bear to grow users on Hypr and also users leveraging Redacted suite of products.

Next Steps

We are in the middle of getting Hyperlane Bridge integrated and tested; shortly thereafter we will be testing the user flow of assets flowing into Hypr with unencumbered access to Redacted Products on Hypr. More soon.