Hypr Network Integrates Thirdweb Gaming Development Platform

Hypr Network Partners with Thirdweb, a leading gaming development platform

January 29, 2024

We're excited to announce our partnership with Thirdweb, the leading platform in gaming infrastructure tooling for developers. Hypr has been focused on building out the key fundamental primitives so that developers and users of all types can come, build, and enjoy transacting on Hypr. This partnership with Thirdweb helps us accomplish a major goal in providing key tooling that all game developers need.

Specifically, we chose Thirdweb because:

  • Thirdweb is a full-stack web3 platform - has everything game developers need.
  • Thirdweb enables developers to ship fast on Hypr, with tools to build wallets, deploy smart contracts and scale apps with back-end infrastructure.
  • Thirdweb will bring more apps and users to Hypr, enabling use-cases in gaming, social media, NFTs and more.

We're excited for this key partnership, allowing game developers to quickly ship applciations on Hypr using Thirdweb tooling on Hypr.

To get started, visit: